Upgrading to wxWidgets 2.9

As most of you already know, the Cafu World Editor "CaWE" comprises all our graphical editing tools like the map editor, the GUI editor, the font wizard, the material editor, and (soon) the model editor.

CaWE, and thus all its editors, employs the wxWidgets library for its graphical user interface, which makes our code easy to write, easy to maintain, and - very importantly - portable across many platforms: With a single code base, CaWE looks and feels like (in fact, it is) a native application on Windows, Linux, and (soon) Mac OS X.


As the latest 2.9 version series has recently been released, we've spend some quality time on migrating to the latest version. You can read in detail about the new features of the latest series in the wxWidgets changelog.txt. We especially benefit from the integrated and improved AUI (advanced user interface) classes, the Unicode support, the new event binding, and many enhancements in the wxGTK component. In addition to all the new and improved features, as a nice and free side effect we also got a simpler and faster build system and a more correct linking strategy under Linux. :D