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For any questions about the Cafu Engine, please post at the Cafu Forum. You can also contact Carsten at, but please prefer the forum whenever possible.

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Carsten Fuchs

Cafu Engine Author

I have always been fascinated by 3D technology and very much enjoyed playing 3D shooters. However, programming turned out to be even more exciting, and so I started my first experiments even before I properly knew the related math (I still have the Amiga Basic source code!). Eventually, from these beginnings, the Cafu Engine was born.

I wrote my master's thesis in Computer Science about methods for real-time lighting, examining the technologies implemented in the Cafu Engine: Radiosity-based light-maps, dynamic Phong shading combined with stenciled shadow volumes, and lighting with spherical harmonics.

My other hobbies are flying (I also hold the flight instructor's license for airplanes) and scuba diving (which I have only started with in the last year). I also like reading, and very much recommend the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series by George R. R. Martin and “The Name of the Wind” series by Patrick Rothfuss.

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