Support for 64-bit Windows and VC++ 2010

Following the port to 64-bit Linux, we're happy to announce that Cafu is now available as native 64-bit code for 64-bit Windows platforms as well (many thanks to Tiernan aka NVX for his generous help)!

The latest changes complete the availability of Cafu on all combinations of 32- and 64-bit, Windows and Linux platforms.
The updated source code as well as updated binary (developer) releases are available at the Downloads page.

Other improvements and new features since the last developer release include:

  • Support for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010,
  • a much revised and enhanced implementation of our OpenAL-based sound system,
  • a new mapping tutorial "Creating Teleporter Stations",
  • the use of the best available renderer also in the map editor (same as in the Cafu engine),
  • and a big number of bug fixes and other enhancements.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped - please keep up the good work!
Your bug reports, source code patches, discussions, feed-back, and all other help were much welcome - and are for the upcoming developments as well (work on which I've already begun :up: )!