Revised video modes support

A nice enhancement (or in fact, a new feature) that comes with the newly released version of Cafu is the revised video modes code on all platforms:

When you run Cafu in a window (that is, non-fullscreen, either by the Video Settings in the Main Menu, or by using command line option -noFS or --clNoFullscreen), you can press the F11 key in order to toggle to full-screen mode and back.
This kind of F11-activated full-screen mode always uses the desktop screen resolution and works both under Windows and Linux.

More frequently used though is the normal full-screen mode, where the display is changed to the horizontal and vertical resolution specified in the Video Settings of the Main Menu. The list of available video modes used to be a fixed list of predefined modes, which was problematic whenever it did not match the modes supported on the systems hardware.
This problem is now gone: The list of video modes is now determined from the list of modes that the hardware supports. In order words, if your system has them, even "exotic" modes like 1440 * 900 pixels are now automatically available in the Video Settings dialog (and to any other parts of the GUI system and scripts).

Depending on X11 server details, changing the display setting doesn't always work on Linux, but we'd be happy to hear your test reports! That is, please let us know which system you use, if the list of available video modes is detected properly, and if activating them is successful! :up: