Model Editor Screenshot

After we made a lot of very positive progress with the development of the Model Editor (Introduction) during the past few months, it will soon be complete and ready for release.

Here is a screenshot of the current state, showing how we used the Model Editor to add a GUI fixture to a model. A GUI fixture defines how and where a GUI can be attached to a model. Normally we attach GUI fixtures to computer screens and controls panels, but for testing, we took the Trinity player model, making it look as if she holds an interactive GUI panel in her hands:

Note that the attached GUI is fully functional:
  • When the model is animated, the GUI is animated as well (video),
  • and in the game, the GUI can of course be interactively used (even when animated ;-) ).

We'll next finish the few remaining details as quick as possible, and expect to make a new release that contains the new Model Editor in early September.

Among other features we're working on, we've started looking into and working with Premake, in order to provide an alternative to SCons that makes building all Cafu-related software on all platforms possible in the native IDEs (e.g. Visual Studio) and thus as easy and convenient as possible. :up: