Happy New Year 2011!

I wish you a happy New Year, and all the best! :groupwave1:

We've been busy working on Cafu even over the Christmas and New Years holidays, making very good progress with bug fixes and many enhancements, but the efforts in the first few months of the new year will certainly be focusing on the upcoming Model Editor, for which the work is progressing very well!

I've largely completed a loader for the Wavefront Object (.obj) file format the day before yesterday: "obj" is a very common file format that most 3D modeling software can load and save, and as such it allows us to exchange (static, non-animated) models with almost any other modeling program.

Regarding collaboration with other 3D programs, we also need support for a similarly universal and popular file format that can also handle (key-frame or general) animation.

This is where I'd love to hear your feed-back:
Which 3D model format that supports animation should the upcoming model editor be able to import?
The format should ideally be widespread and supported by several or most of the well known 3D programs (but of course nothing stops us from having the Model Editor support for importing multiple such file formats, or to add more formats over time).
Please post your comments as replies to this post! :up:

In the meanwhile, we continue our work on the list of open tickets -- and much else that is not (yet) mentioned in the lists! :wohow: