The open-source game engine and graphics engine for multiplayer, cross-platform, real-time 3D action

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The Carsten Fuchs Software company was founded in October 2004 by Carsten Fuchs. Its goal is to continue and advance the development of the Ca3D-Engine and to provide support to Ca3D-Engine users and licensees. With the Ca3D-Engine, the company provides a product that is modern, exploits the latest technologies, is convenient and easy to use, rock solid, and overall a great tool for all developers of 3D games and applications.

Ca3D-EngineAfter carrying out his first experiments with 3D graphics in 1988 at the age of 10 and finding literature germane to this subject in a computer journal for the first time in 1991, Carsten began developing the Ca3DE engine and the accompanying tools in 1994. At this time he was being taught vector calculus in school, which ultimately opened up the entire world of 3D graphics to him.

Since this time he has continued to develop the source codes further, initially as a hobby project, later professionally in the Carsten Fuchs Software development company. Over the years, he changed the development environments and program languages several times, always endeavoring to achieve a forward-looking and modern program.

Carsten FuchsCarsten was born and lives in the south west of Germany. After Gymnasium (German secondary school qualifying for university matriculation), he graduated as a Bankkaufmann, the result of a two-year apprenticeship and formal education certificate program with Raiffeisenbank Birkenfeld e.G. in banking, finance, real estate, insurance, tax, commercial law, accounting, and business administration.

Completing the apprenticeship, Carsten matriculated at the “Universität des Saarlandes” for the degree program of Computer Science. He graduated with the degree “Diplom-Informatiker”, the German title equivalent to “Master of Computer Science”, with overall average grade: “very good” (best possible on scale).

Carstens diploma (Masters) thesis “Methods for Real-Time Lighting”, published in February 2005, presents three individual methods for real-time lighting: radiosity-based light-maps, dynamic Phong shading combined with stenciled shadow volumes implemented in programmable graphics hardware, and lighting with spherical harmonics. It is available for download at pdf iconUni-DA-RealTimeLighting.pdf.

The Carsten Fuchs Software company was founded in the same year he left university.

Carsten holds both a U.S. as well as a European pilots license. Starting with gilders at the age of 14, he soon advanced to aircraft and has now over 15 years of flying experience in Germany, U.S.A., Brasilia, Singapore, France, England, Spain, Portugal and Austria. In his spare time, he works as a flight instructor for aircraft. As CFO Carsten is a managing member of the “Flugsportverein Hoppstädten-Weiersbach e.V.” and is responsible for all financial aspects of airfleet and airport operation at his home airport EDRH.

The office buildings of ROFU and CFS.Carsten Fuchs Software have their offices with ROFU Kinderland GmbH, the leading toy trading company in southwest Germany. ROFU offers toys for children from baby age to teenager in about 80 stores. The stores are spread over the south and west of Germany, which makes ROFU one of the most popular and renowned companies in the area.