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In addition to our forums, there are active and friendly mailing lists. Everyone is welcome to subscribe in order to participate in the Cafu Engine, ask for help, discuss Cafu-related matters or to keep up to date with the Cafu development. All messages to the mailing-lists are archived, and the archives can be read and searched as detailed below.

You must subscribe to a list before you can post to it. You can only post from the address you have subscribed. Postings from an unsubscribed address will be rejected automatically. If you want to post from a different address, subscribe again using that address and turn off delivery for it.

  • Please be careful when replying to a list message: Prefer Reply to List over Reply to Sender Only or Reply to All. Don't start a new topic by replying to another (unrelated) list message; “thread hijacking” messes up the proper display of conversations for others. Send a brand new message instead.
  • Please take a moment and read some useful information on mailing list netiquette. An important part of netiquette is learning how to quote previous posts, how to ask questions and how to report bugs effectively.
  • Last, but not least, please compose your e-mails as plain text, not as HTML, and don't post (big) attachments to the mailing list. If you have something to show (e.g. a screenshot), put it somewhere on the web and post the URL instead.

Cafu Developers

This is the main mailing list for Cafu users and developers. It is used for all programming related questions around the Cafu Engine, such as help with compiling and linking, implementation of new features, bug fixes, help with employing Cafu in a new game, or any other issue involving the use or development of Cafu.

To send a message
Web interface
You can use the web interface to read, post and search messages
and to manage your membership (subscribe and unsubscribe).
To subscribe Use one of these methods to subscribe to the mailing list:
To unsubscribe Use the cafu-dev web interface to manage your membership,
or send e-mail to
Archive and Search All mailing list archives can also be searched:
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Cafu Announcements

A low-frequency newsletter for official announcements about new releases and other important events around Cafu:

All announcements in this newsletter are also posted at the Cafu News page and at the RSS Newsfeed icon RSS newsfeed.


Gmane kindly provides an e-mail to news gateway. It mirrors the above mailing lists to newsgroups, so you can also use your newsreader to follow the discussions and to post new messages: